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Software Enigneer at weDevs.

Hello, I am Al Amin Ahamed, a full-stack developer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with extensive experience in WordPress development, including plugin and theme (general & block) development, as well as React.js based projects.

I am currently working as a Software Engineer at weDevs, where I am focused on developing WordPress projects. Alongside my team, I specialize in Quality Assurance, WordPress Theme and Plugin Development, Gutenberg Block Development, and Divi Module Development.

Software Engineer at weDevs:

Working at weDevs has been an exceptional experience, and I am grateful to be part of a team that shares the same passion for innovation and excellence. As a Software Engineer, I thrive on embracing new challenges and delivering high-quality WordPress projects that exceed client expectations.

WordPress Development:

My journey in WordPress development has been an exciting and rewarding one. I have honed my skills in creating custom WordPress plugins and themes from scratch, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. My meticulous attention to detail allows me to deliver seamless user experiences through intuitive and functional designs.

Plugin and Theme Development:

My proficiency in plugin and theme development extends to both general and block-based solutions. My versatility in these domains allows me to transform ideas into reality, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of websites with creative flair.

Gutenberg Block Development:

Gutenberg is revolutionizing the WordPress landscape, and I am at the forefront of developing customized Gutenberg blocks. These blocks empower clients with enhanced website customization and content creation capabilities.

Divi Module Development:

My proficiency in Divi Module Development allows me to create engaging and versatile modules that complement the Divi builder. These modules amplify website functionality, offering clients a seamless website-building experience.

“Squad Modules for Divi Builder” Plugin:

Among my notable accomplishments, I have developed the “Squad Modules for Divi Builder” plugin, designed exclusively for Divi enthusiasts. This powerful plugin enhances the Divi Builder experience by introducing a collection of versatile and engaging modules. Each module is carefully crafted to address specific design needs, allowing users to create stunning and unique web layouts with ease.

React.js Projects:

Embracing the power of React.js, I have successfully undertaken projects that exemplify cutting-edge technology and interactivity. My expertise in React.js has enabled me to build dynamic user interfaces and deliver seamless user experiences.